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For IT Maintenance and Support


IT Support

At SysNet Technologies Ltd our support specialists are on standby to trouble shoot business IT and connection problems.


Network Security

WLANs face many threats that strong authentication and link encryption do not address. Because wireless is a shared medium, it is more prone to malicious attacks.


Organisations are losing the battle against advanced malware, with many organisations already compromised. Enterprises have long relied on antivirus software and firewalls to protect their data.

New IT Installations and Set-up

Any IT Installation is a big investment – time and money. Not getting it right could be a very costly and frustrating mistake.

Network Support Services

We can provide a range of products and services to help your IT systems and business operations run more smoothly.

Computer Equipment

We provide quality software and hardware for our customers. Because we know your IT systems we can make sure you get the ideal equipment.

Cloud Computing

SysNet Technologies Ltd provides cloud computing services via our dedicated data centre through our third party network.

Mobile Phones and Contracts

SysNet Technologies Ltd can arrange mobile contracts and handsets plus other devices ….


Disaster Recovery

Few small business have an IT disaster recovery plan in place to help deal with a situation where there is a total cessation of business due to fire, acts of burglary and vandalism, natural events or severe hardware failure.


Increasingly Internet connections are permanent or semi- permanent. The more time spent on line, the more visible and therefore vulnerable you are to unauthorised access to your system.